Kenya Fatwa Council

Kenya Fatwa Council is a religious organization that aims at bringing the nation together by centralizing the issuance of fatwas under a single, unified institution. The council is made up of Muslim scholars, lawyers, and thinkers who have taken the initiative to form a specialized institution for the issuance of Fatwas to deal with ever-expanding problems facing Kenyan Muslims, diplomatic missions, and foreign expatriates resident in Kenya.

KFC seeks to take advantage of the significant architectural, economic and social advancements in Kenya which are globally recognized to spread fatwas. We also look forward to dealing with other Islamic councils, numerous charitable societies, and legal institutions dealing in personal law, as well as upholding and defending Muslim rights. The Council will issue fatwas based on soundly established Islamic jurisprudential law. The fatwas will be appropriate to the place, time, and prevailing conditions, while also recognizing and preserving the rich Kenyan heritage, and the culture of its diverse people, and safeguarding the security of the country.

Our Council

Sayid Ahmad Ahmad Badawi


Sheikh Hammad Bin Qasim

Vice Chairman

Sharif Abdillah Hasan

Secretary General

Sheikh Ibrahim SadaLlah

Organizing Secretary